Motivation: Compassion

""Mitgefühl in Aktion e.V." was founded in 2019, following an initiative of the Suttanta Community together with Bhikkhu Bodhi as a European partner of Buddhist Global Relief.


Currently our association consists of 35 members from Germany, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland. Actually we support 7 projects for sustainable development cooperation in Africa and Asia and are involved in emergency aid for people in and from Ukraine.

  • The association Mitgefühl in Aktion e.V. is supported by its membership fees
    and association donations.
  • All other donations go 100% to the project work

The association is based in Hamburg. 

(The founders at their foundational meeting in Berlin 2019)

The current Executive Board

Why am I involved with Mitgefühl in Aktion?


 Chairman: Simpert Würfl - Association management:

"The idea of Compassion in Action and the associated vision of Bhikkhu Bodhi has deeply inspired me already in the founding phase. Even if objectively we only make a small contribution to alleviate hunger in the world - it is still an essential contribution... for those our support reaches and for ourselves!



Vice Chair: Helga Müller - Public Relations:

"At some point I understood what the overabundance here has to do with lack elsewhere. Ignoring it doesn't work anymore, so the only thing left to do is to get involved. At Compassion in Action a/my place for it has been found."



 Treasurer: Herbert Blickenstorfer - Finance:

"I am always enthusiastic about something good and meaningful.

That's how I came to Mitgefühl in Aktion."

Relief Project Coordination - Olivia Haas:

"As a Buddhist and a mother, I want to teach my sons not only with words what it means to be kind and compassionate, but to show them how to help others. We are one big human family and we should not look the other way, we should be brave, take responsibility and give a helping hand to everyone. With MiA, this compassion comes into action, the ideal goes into practice and it makes me very happy to make a small contribution to this work."

Why one more charity?

Malnutrition is again a growing global problem. It will remain the greatest global need in the face of the climate crisis, the consequences of COVID 19, and the war in Ukraine.... So can there be too many relief organizations? 

Why "Mitgefühl in Aktion e.V."?

For too long, Buddhist practitioners have associated 'compassion' primarily with a sublime feeling expressed in a purely benevolent attitude or experienced or developed in meditation. Compassion, however, is directly aimed at the welfare of others or their suffering. It therefore seems somehow incomplete if it does not also manifest itself in acts of selfless love or help. 


With "Mitgefühl in Aktion e.V." (Compassion in Action) we therefore want to create an opportunity for even more European Buddhists and people of goodwill to get involved together and actively help others in need. We would like to show that we as Buddhists feel co-responsibility for the well-being of all beings. 


"Mitgefühl in Aktion e.V." is a cross-traditional Buddhist aid organisation which, according to its statutes, does not finance religious projects. It supports humanitarian aid projects and sustainable development cooperation aimed at equal participation and healthy livelihoods. The association is open to all people who can identify with it. Compassion is a universal human ability!


We would like to invite not only Buddhist groups, organisations and people to join this goal and to set a cross-traditional sign of love and co-responsibility in a world, our world, where food and economic opportunities are so unequally distributed. 


Generosity (Dāna) is the most fundamental of all Buddhist practices. Please help generously to enable sustainable and long-term relief projects against hunger and need. May all beings be happy and free from oppression!


Mitgefühl in Aktion e.V. is a non-profit association registered in the Hamburg Register of Associations under 24201 No. 1. St.-Nr. 17/450/10330

Mitgefühl in Aktion e.V. 

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fon: +49 4159 - 741 99 34

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