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Mitgefühl in Aktion (Compassion in Action) began to organize itself in 2019 from a small group of buddhists with the inspiration and help of Bhante Bodhi and BGR. Since 2020, MiA has been supporting projects together with BGR in Myanmar, Cambodia, Mongolia, India, Bangladesh and Peru, and previously also in Afghanistan, Senegal and Cameroon. In addition, we send emergency aid to crisis regions three times: in 2021, we supported suffering Dalit families in India during the Covid crisis; in 2022, when war broke out in Ukraine, we supported refugees from that country. And this year, we were sending emergency aid to internally displaced people in Myanmar through Better Burma.


We are only in our fourth year and have just started helping, but we look forward to helping more in the future, hopefully with other European partners along with our main partner BGR, who was really of great help and our inspiration to start such a work. Our dream is that the world one day will see more Buddhist compassion in action in places around the world where there is hunger and suffering.