Hunger is the worst disease

Our vision

We are being inspired by the vision of a world where ...

  • poverty is a thing of the past and all can live a meaningful life, and can enjoy food, clothing, shelter and healthcare,
  • everyone can receive an adequate level of education and can therefore freely work in a way that give meaning and purpose to one's life,
  • all humans can live in peace and harmony with each other and where nobody is being discriminated against,
  • resources are being used in a considerate way and where they are shared and used more justly,
  • climate change is being addressed via natural ecology and active environmental protection,
  • future generations have a chance to lead a happy life and develop spiritually.

"May I be a good doctor for those who suffer from illness, a guideline for those who have gone astray, a lamp for those who dwell in darkness, a source of treasure for the poor and needy."


Vow of Samantabhadra, Avatamsaka Sutra

Education is key!


Food for all, support of those in need, helping people to help themselves, natural ecology and active environmental protection is

compassion in action.

Malnutrition is again a growing global problem. It will remain the greatest global need in the face of the climate crisis, the consequences of COVID 19 and the war in Ukraine... So can there be too many relief organisations?


Those who are committed to climate justice, fight poverty and hunger and vice versa.

Diplom Verleihung Kamerun

Equal rights for all!

Our purpose

first, we are committed to ensuring that no one goes chronically hungry. It's hard to study with an empty belly.

The Buddha says: "Hunger is the worst kind of sickness, and the gift of food is the gift of life."

As people who are moved by compassion for the world, we want to support and realise sustainable projects together with our partner organisation Buddhist Global Relief and carefully selected local partners, that have as their goal the fight against hunger in disaster-stricken regions and the support of natural ecological agrarian practices, to help people help themselves. Fighting growing poverty and malnutrition is connected inseparably to climate change. In order to be able to help those who are suffering in the long term, we also want to actively promote a responsible use of natural resources and environmental protection.

"The gift of food is the gift of life."

Buddha (AN 4:58)

Gemüseanbau in Afrika

We can help!

Dr. Bhikkhu Bodhi, the patron and advisor of Compassion in Action, is also the founder of our partner organisation, Buddhist Global Relief, USA. His vision of active compassion and engaged Buddhism inspires our work for a more just, healthy and livable world. Listen and watch his greetings for the launch of our work in the video.

Sylvia Wetzel

 "The organisation MITGEFÜHL IN AKTION, newly founded in 2019 with Bhikkhu Bodhi as patron, is a very, very good opportunity to get involved as a Buddhist* and human being for compassion. It is about wholesome goals and I hope that many who share the concern for active compassion will support this group through money and cooperation. I think this is a very good initiative." 

Sylvia Wetzel, Berlin

Bhante Sukhacitto

"I am thrilled that the aid organisation of the esteemed Bhante Bodhi now has a professional partner in Europe to carry out humanitarian aid projects for the most needy people and regions more intensively and internationally. Without hesitation, I immediately became a member and would like to invite well-meaning people of all traditions and directions to generously support this good work. It is time to work together!"

Bhante Sukhacitto, Theravada Monk