Once the Buddha was walking with his attendant, Ānanda, and met a monk who was sick with dysentery and lying in his feces. He asked him: Monk, why does no one help you? He replied, "Venerable, I did not help the other monks and now they are not helping me." Then the Buddha instructed Ānanda to fetch water for washing. And he lifted the monk by his legs while Ananda washed him. Then they dressed him in new robes, put him in a bed, and gave him food and medicine. 

After that, the Buddha called the monks together and told them, "Monks, you have no mother and no father. If you do not help each other, no one will help you. You should take care of the needy.


Dear friends, there are many people in need out there. They may still have a mother and father, but often they have no help or care when affected by famine and poverty. If we don't take care of them, maybe no one will take care of them. Let us actively turn compassion into humanitarian aid. Please help us to help others!

Compassion In Action

Mitgefühl in Aktion e.V. (MiA), "Compassion in Action", is an independent Buddhist relief organization and the European partner of Buddhist Global Relief, USA. It was founded in 2019, following an initiative of the Suttanta Community together with Bhikkhu Bodhi.


Working in partnership with BGR, MiA supports projects to relieve the suffering of chronic hunger and poverty worldwide. MiA’s projects are designed to “help people help themselves,” with a strong focus on hunger relief; girls’ and women’s education; sustainability; and emergency aid in crisis areas.

MiA is entirely self-supported and volunteer-run, so that every donation directly supports work on the ground. MiA is recognized as a nonprofit aid organization based in Hamburg. For more information how to get involved please write to mail@mia.eu.com.

A word of Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi concerning war:


Together, we are doing much essential good work to relieve the suffering of people around the world, giving them the chance to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, often under bleak conditions.


(Bhikkhu Bodhi, Founder of BGR and Patron of MiA) 

Our goals

A. Direct help

  • Quick help in disaster struck areas, which benefits those suffering directly and not governments.
  • Providing direct food aid for people suffering from hunger and malnutrition.

B. Long term development work

  • Sensible and sustainable ecological projects in areas affected by hunger.
  • Supporting the development of advanced methods for sustainable food production.
  • Supporting the education and training of girls and women as a means to ensure livelihood security and to fight poverty.

C. Habitat conservation

  • - Supporting social justice, ecologically responsible economic practices, climate justice and environmental protection.