Report on Ukraine Emergency Aid

 Caritas employees distribute food in Butcha.Photo: Caritas Ukraine



Dear members and supporters, 


The suffering which the cruel war in Ukraine is causing on a daily basis  has been gnawing at our hearts for weeks now.  Still, there is no end in sight. 


After a meditation for peace, which Raimund conducted on the initiative of the DBU and EBU on March 4, the board of MiA set up a fundraising campaign for both people in the crisis areas as well as those who had fled from there. Within a few weeks, an unbelievable sum of almost 9,000 EUR was raised. This sum was topped up from MiA's emergency aid fund and so, thanks to your generous support, we were able to provide Caritas Ukraine with  11,000 EUR on 22.04.2022. 


Caritas Ukraine is a charitable organization of the Greek Orthodox Church and operates 34 centers throughout the country, where around 1,000 employees coordinate the delivery of aid, with great difficulty and sometimes at the risk of their own lives. The current focus is on:

  • the supply of food, drinking water and hygiene articles,
  • the provision of emergency shelters and laundry facilities,
  • psychological support for traumatized people,
  • providing direct care to patients in need of health care at their homes where possible.
  • transportation to meeting points to bring family members and friends together,
  • telephone hotline to address people's concerns and fears.

As of April 12, Caritas Ukraine has already helped 352,000 people, and on that day alone, within 24 hours:

  • 2,595 accommodations were arranged, 
  • 2,000 food packages and 
  • 2,762 hygiene packages were distributed, and 
  • many people received medical care. 

The transfer of our donations was supported by Caritas International, which has maintained its longstanding contact with Caritas Ukraine and forwarded 100% of our donations to them without deducting any administrative fees. 


Even though our share of this aid package is overall small, we should nevertheless be pleased that we were able to send a sign of solidarity and confidence in these difficult times. 


We thank you all for your trust and support! 

With metta greetings.


Simpert Würfl for the Board of Mitgefühl in Aktion


Since the support of a sustainable reconstruction project is not yet foreseeable, we again transferred € 5,000 in emergency aid for people in and from Ukraine at the beginning of September, since the money in our account does not help anyone.

Ukraine Reconstruction Project


Although we actually wanted to end our emergency aid for Ukraine with the transfer, we continue to receive donations with the purpose "Ukraine Aid'. Since our focus is actually more on sustainable support, we are currently looking for a project partner in Ukraine, which we can support in a reconstruction project together with our sister organization BGR in the long term. If you have any contacts, please let us know.

This project is, of course, subject to the situation in Ukraine becoming normalized - which we all hope will happen! If this does not happen, we will continue to use these donations to support other organizations that are active in crisis management on the ground.


Our emergency aid to Ukraine will end at the end of 2020. The ongoing war continues to cause great humanitarian need, but because we as an independent aid organization cannot provide unilateral aid in any war situation, we are unfortunately unable to continue to help there.